Nona's Story


I grew up in Singapore, where we are obsessed with good food and amazing flavors. The tiny island is a melting pot of Asian cultures, full of outdoor markets and street food vendors in small stalls offering the signature dishes they have perfected over decades. As a child, I spent hours at the hawker center near our home, captivated by the busy cooks creating delicious aromas and flavors.

Young and fearless, I left Singapore for a “serious” business consulting job in London and eventually made the giant leap to San Francisco’s Bay Area, where I followed my passion and began fencing competitively. As an athlete looking for ways to gain an advantage, I found that when I fueled my body with clean, whole foods, I performed—and felt—my best. I dug in to learn about holistic nutrition and food as medicine, eventually becoming a Certified Nutrition Consultant. 

Living in Oakland, CA, I had easy access to so much fresh, local produce, and I experimented (and experimented) to develop clean versions of the recipes for the favorite dishes of my youth. I was on a mission to create Asian street food options that didn’t include MSG, artificial ingredients, preservatives or tons of sodium. The Nona Lim brand was born in 2014, when I began selling my broths at Whole Foods Market in San Francisco, and we’ve since expanded our local Northern California roots to become a national brand.

My small-batch noodles, broths and sauces are infused with those early Singapore childhood flavors and memories, adapted for a healthy modern lifestyle with the highest quality vegetables, herbs, whole spices and fresh authentic noodles. Each Nona Lim product is simply prepared in minutes, ready to be slurped or sipped whenever you are a craving a little nourishing comfort!


Our Approach

So many of my childhood memories include Asian food, it’s no surprise that the Nona Lim brand is rooted in tradition and authenticity. No one wants to compromise on taste or nutrition, but we don’t have time to make complicated meals and snacks every day. My quick-prep recipes include slow-simmered fresh, natural vegetables, herbs and spices that capture the aromas, flavors, textures and tastes of authentic Asian street food, without MSG, artificial flavors, colors or preservatives. READY. FRESH. SLURP!

Our Products

Whether you're craving something savory and spicy, creamy with bright acidity, or warm and soothing, we have you covered. Our Heat & Sip Cups - filled with delicious bone broths or soups - are perfect for lunch or a healthy snack on-the-go. For restaurant-quality meals at home, our larger broth pouches, fresh ramen and rice noodles, and Stir-Fry Noodle Kits make cooking an Asian meal at home a snap.


We are proud to be a certified Women-Owned Business.


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