Our Story

Hi there —

I’m Nona. Growing up in Singapore, I would spend lots of time at the hawker center by our home. It was filled with hundreds of hawkers, each of whom has spent decades perfecting a signature dish. As a child, I would place my order and stand in front of the stall, intently watching and learning. Everyone from Singapore is arguably a passionate foodie, and I became one as well.

After a long stint in consulting in London, I moved to the Bay Area and started fencing competitively. As an athlete, I was constantly seeking natural ways to gain a competitive advantage. I observed how my body would only function at peak performance when fueled with whole, clean foods. So I became a Certified Nutrition Consultant to learn more holistically about food as medicine.

In 2014, the Nona Lim brand was born - to bring to you my favorite dishes from my childhood but made with the wonderful ingredients available in the Bay Area. Slow-simmered bone broths with healing Asian herbs, fresh rice noodles made in Singapore with the perfect texture; these are all dishes that nourish me and remind me of the comfort of home.

As life is hectic, I obsess over creating products that not only have amazing flavors and which are great for you, but also easy to enjoy. I am excited to share my obsession with you, and hope you love my products as much as I do. #AllFlavorNoCrap


Our Approach

Our fresh products are inspired by our Asian heritage, whether it's traditional bone broth recipes or noodle dishes passed down through the centuries. We then adapt these recipes for a modern palate, using high quality, whole veggies, herbs and spices that are not only good for you but deliver on the flavors we're seeking to create. We also believe in using temperature, not processing techniques, to keep our products fresh, which results in better flavor. Finally, we design our products for today's busy lifestyles, so you can enjoy our food when and how you want it. Want to sip bone both after you workout? We got you. A fancy gourmet ramen night at home? We got you too!

Our Products

Whether you're craving something savory and spicy, creamy with bright acidity, or warm and soothing, we have you covered. Our Heat & Sip Cups - filled with delicious bone broths or soups - and individual noodle bowls are perfect for lunch or a healthy snack on-the-go. For the adventurous foodie, our larger broth pouches and fresh noodles make cooking an Asian meal at home a snap. We never use preservatives, so our products are always chilled.


We are proud to be a certified Women-Owned Business.


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