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100% gluten-free and made with non-GMO ingredients.

Nona Lim’s vegetable broths and bone broths are made from fresh, whole vegetables and the highest quality meats and poultry locally sourced from Northern California farms. We carefully slow-simmer each broth almost 30 hours to extract maximum flavor and nutrients with our hand-picked spices and fresh herbs. The result: a delicious savory base for a noodle soup, or a convenient heat-and-eat standalone sipping broth.

Our vegetable and bone broths are packaged in slim, convenient pouches and always refrigerated – because we aim to leave a small carbon footprint, while preserving the nutritional benefits of our slow-simmered vegetable and bone broths, completely free of unnecessary additives or preservatives.

We’re committed to giving you clean, plant-rich food that is Closest to Whole™, and as close as you can get to making it in your own kitchen.

Also available in your favorite markets nationwide.

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