Celiac Awareness Month

“Gluten-Free” is currently one of the biggest words on the market. You can find it available as an alternative option to “regular” food. Pick up any box, and you may find the words “gluten-free” stamped on the front of the packaging. The common train of thought would then be something along the lines of, “Gluten-free must be healthier; after all, this has no gluten in it!” ...All without understanding what gluten is and what gluten-free really means.

May is Celiac Awareness Month and there is no better time to learn about how the foods that we may take for granted can adversely affect those around us. Simply understanding and recognizing those with celiac disease can support efforts to curing gluten-related disorders. 

Gluten is found in wheat, barely, or rye based foods such as bread, pasta, cookies, and cake. While most of us can consume many of these foods everyday without any problems, there are many with celiac disease or gluten-related disorders who cannot consume gluten. Eating foods that contain gluten can trigger their body to produce antibodies that attacks its own organs.

Feeling up to the challenge of stepping into another’s shoes? The Celiac Disease Foundation released a new Gluten-Free Week plan that details 7 days of gluten-free meals and snacks to help bring awareness to those with gluten-related disorders. And for us, we’re excited to try some of these suggested dinner recipes with our Laksa rice noodles. Remember to hashtag @celiacdotorg and #tgfchallenge!