Bone Broth Diet & Why You Should Add It To Your Daily Routine

There's a lot of chatter about Bone Broth and its healing benefits. We like to drink our natural Bone Broth every morning as a substitute for our morning Joe - it's a smooth, low-calorie, natural boost of energy, while also giving you some warming nourishment. There have been a number of studies and article written about the benefits of Bone Broth and how it can support an anti-inflammatory diet, including:

  • Soothes and supports digestion for good gut health
  • Supports a low-inflammatory diet with natural collagen, rich in anti-inflammatory amino acids
  • Supports healthy skin, shinier hair, and stronger nails
  • Collagen and amino acids support joint health, immune system and metabolic functions
  • Delicious, soothing, nourishing snack - curbs hunger cravings
  • Drink for a healthy energy boost...instead of caffeine
  • Natural source of protein - great for a pre-workout or recovery drink
  • Or read more about the benefits of bone broth here

        And with the "hygge" movement, everyone is looking to take time out, be present, feel nourished, comforted, and cozy - Bone Broth offers that perfect accompaniment to those nights by the fire, huddled with friends or family, while wearing your favorite pair of fuzzy pajamas.

        Even if you don't buy into the bone broth hype, Nona Lim Bone Broth is undeniably a delicious, warming, comfort food.

        You can check out our bone broths, available in either our BPA-free "Heat & Sip" cup or in our larger 20 fl oz Broth Pouches.