We love our planet.

We carefully selected biodegradable and recyclable packaging to ensure our products are delivered to you with minimal impact to our environment while ensuring you get the freshest product possible. Here’s our tips on how to reuse or recycle:

Ice Pack

Our ice packs are specially developed non- toxic, food grade gel refrigerant. You can refreeze the ice packs or recycle them:

simply cut off a corner of the ice pack and toss the gel into the compost bin. Recycle the polyethylene wrappers.

Bubble Wrap

Our bubble wrap is 100% biodegradable. Reuse, recycle, or dispose with ordinary trash and it will biodegrade within one year.

Thermal Box Liner

Our 100% compostable thermal box liner keeps your delivery cool. Made from recycled textiles with a cotton insulation, you can reuse them or dispose; it will biodegrade within one year.

Cardboard Box

We use corrugated craft made from recycled materials. Recycle or use them for your next big haul.