Rice Noodles

Fresh noodle lovers - you’ve come to the right place. From our Traditional Ramen to our gluten-free Rice Noodles, we have you covered. Noodles are all about the texture, and ours have the perfect bite for your gourmet ramen bowl, or pad see ew stir-fry. Pair our noodles with any of our Broths and add toppings for a quick noodle bowl; or stir-fry with whatever else is next to your noodles in your fridge. The options are endless. k, so easy! Nona Lim's ready-to-eat Rice Noodles pair perfectly with our bone broths and veggie broths, or toss with fresh vegetables for an easy stir-fry, or use them as a gluten-free alternative with your favorite pasta sauce.

These fresh gluten free noodles are shipped and stored refrigerated – so you always get the freshest product, 100% free of additives or preservatives.

We’re committed to giving you clean, plant-rich food that is Closest to Whole™, and as close as you can get to making it in your own kitchen.

Also available in your favorite markets nationwide.

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Nona Lim fresh gluten-free Laksa rice noodles in package
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Laksa Rice Noodles (8 pack)

Package of Pad See Ew Flat Rice Noodles
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Pad See Ew Flat Rice Noodles (8 Pack)